Welcome to the EPA Cincinnati Technology Collaboration and Transfer database. This database is intended for use by those with innovative technologies, products and services that are interested in working collaboratively with EPA in Cincinnati. You may use this database to create technology profiles for potential consideration by EPA. Please create a new user account or log-in using an existing account.

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Disclaimer: Submission of a technology profile to the EPA Cincinnati Technology Collaboration and Transfer database does not imply or guarantee future collaboration with EPA. Company information collected on this site will be used by EPA for the purpose of determining the potential for collaboration on research activities. Please DO NOT include any Confidential Business Information (CBI) such as trade secrets or proprietary, commercial, financial or other similar information in your technology profile. Submission of personally identifiable information (name, telephone, email) is voluntary. However, company and individual contact information is required for EPA to communicate potential collaboration opportunities. Company contacts may also be added to the EPA Cincinnati mailing list database and will receive information on future EPA technology related events and activities. If you would prefer not to have your contact information included in the EPA Cincinnati mailing list database, please contact Bernadette Fay at (513) 569-7946 or Fay.Bernadette@epa.gov. EPA will not sell or otherwise transfer personal information to any third-party.